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Uvac river

Uvac ( 119 km ) is the longest tributary of the river Lim, which rises below mountain Ozren.  The Uvac river has a character of mountain rivers, which requires extraordinary hydropower express. This is indicated by three artificial lakes  built on this river: Zlatar, Sjenic and Radionjsc. 
One part of the gorge Uvac declared a Natural Reserve( 60km 2) because it occurs as a habitat for endangered species, the griffon vulture and fish shoots, relict species in Europe.

Zlatar lake

Zlatar lake an artificial lake built on the river Uvac. It is located at 880m above sea level. The lake covers 7.25km2, 21km long and 75m depth. Since the lake runs Belgrade-Montenegrin coast except bathing and nautical tourism has great potential and transit tourism because of the possibility of construction of tourist receptive facilities, and increased tourist traffic.

Radonjsko lake

Radonjsko lake- situated on the river Uvac , downstream of the lake Zlatar, at 810m above sea level. Lakes basin area is 73km2 and the maximum depth is 30m. The water of this lake is a system of tunnels and pipes conducted in Potpecko lake and used for HE “Bistrica”. On the shores of the lake are ideal contitions for camping village.

Sjenicko Lake

Sjenicko lake – emerged on the river Uvac constriuction of a dam upstream of Zlatarsko lake. It is located at 985.4m above sea level , so that after Vlasina lake, the highest artificial lake in Serbia. The lake covers 610km2 . 20km length and the depth of 100m. Valorization of this lake, along with Zlatarsko and Radonjsko lake, with certain financial investments, tourist traffic in this area would be significantly increased.

Potpecko lake

Potpecko lake- an artificial lake built on the river Lim for HE “Potpec”. It is located at 435.6 feet above sea level. Surface of the basin lake is 3.605km2, lengths up to 20km and 40m depth. Not a tourist undervalued and if a distinct potential of the development of transit tourism. Besides gravity dam of the lake railway line Belgrade-Bar and the Belgrade-Montenegrin coast.

Uvac gorge

Special Nature Reserve “Uvac gorge” is a reserve of rare endangered species of animals and other natural values. Reserve 2717ha , at an altitude of 902m/1276m is located between the left and the right of the Uvac gorge. Simbil reserve the griffon vulture and the special reserve is intended primarily for the protection of rare bird species “Heavenly King”.