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Monastery Dubnica

Dubnica is located just a few kilometers from Sjenicko lake, in the valley of Uvac. Unknown to us , but brave and powerful patron was, without a doubt, the builder of Dubnica, first decades fifteenth century. However, the remains of the church and living quarters of the period today, very little can be discerned. For single and already washed the rest of the frescoes on the door jumb portal of the nave, three of the four letters of which our painters of the ancient times stingingly notice that Dubnica was built and painted 1442nd year.

Monastery Mileseva

Monastery Mileseva is a Serbian medieval monastery. Located on the sixth kilometer of the river Milesevac, near Prijepolje. Raski in style, built by King Stefan Vladislav (1234-1243) in this first half of the thirteenth century as an endowment , and in it he himself was buried. In the narthex, which King Vladislav enlarged 1235th year, laid the relicts of St.Sava, his uncle. They were Turks 1594th , transfer to the conquest Vracar(Belgrade), and burned it , in an attempt to break the Serbian spirit. The monastery was built in the time of the Latin Empire, and occurs when the so-called “plastic style” which is characterized by monumental, decorative and avoid leaning forms of classical period. In the monastery church 1377th the King of Serbs and the coast was crowned, Tvrtko I Kotromanic, nephew of Emperior Dusan. Stefan Kosaca in 1446th proclaimed “ the duke of St. Sava” , by which was named Herzegovina.

Monastery Banja

Banja is a monastery in a village of Pribojska Banja , dedicated to St. Nicholas Dabar. It is not known when is was founded , but it existed in 12. Century in Studenic tipology, when his abbot took part in the election of abbot Studenica. From the 1220th it becomes the seat of Dabar diocese, which was renaimed St. Nicola Dabarski , and later achived Dabar- Bosnia diocese headquarters, which was founded by St. Sava. The importance of the monastery until the fall of the Serbian state witnessed the most prominent aristocratic family tombs from the regin of emperior Dusan and Uros , and at one time the church was a powerful feudal family mausoleum Vojnovic. The present church St. Nicolas 1329th was built by king Stefan of Decani and around of 1570 was significantly restored due to the Turkish destruction.