Address: Brdo Zlatar
31320 Nova Varoš
M: +381 64 18 78 964

Zlatar mountain

Thanks to the air that refreshes and strengthens the body, Zlatar mountain in southwestern Serbia become ever more popular destination and a heaven of those who would at last to escape from the seething city of asphalt in almost untouched nature breathing lungs. Becouse of mountain air reach of turpentine and ozone and dense conifer forests, which cover most of the area, Zlatar mountain rightly called , the factory of red blood cells.

Geographical location

Zlatar mountain, long 22km and wide 12 kilometers, nested in the area between Lim, Bistrica, Nova Varos and Pester. By its northern slopes gently into the valley Uvac, while the south side sharply bevelled deep gorge of the river Milesevka. Zlatar, by it’s size, on of the smaller massifs, and in its name embodies all its properties- dense forests, flowering meadows and hills , picturesque villages, temperate climate with 265 sunny and 100 snowy days per year, making Zlatar one of the most beautiful mountain in Serbia.

Beneficial air

Due to its natural characteristics of the air, has a beneficial effect on human body, 2006, Zlatar mountain declared as air spa, by Serbian Government. The healing feature of the air was known in the distant past. In the bosom of their mountain dwellings built by the ancient Greek and Romans, its beauty and fruits of nature, enjoyed some members of the royal bloodline Nemanjic, where in the 13 cenutury raised their endowment Mileseva, on the mountain slopes.